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Why are newborn photoshoots at home so popular – professional services for new parents in the comfort of their home

So how are home newborn shoots different from studio shoots?

Well apart from the obvious – being in your home! – many parents opt for this option. In all fairness the percentage of my bookings is probably more like 70% home to 30% studio.

There are many advantages for a photoshoot at your house. For some first time parents the idea of going out with baby in the first days can be very daunting. For parents with young siblings the idea of going out with the minis and a newborn can be equally daunting.

You may still also feel a little uncomfortable physically, avoiding unnecessary car journeys can be seen as a plus.

You have everything on hand from nappies to spare clothes and blankets. No risk of forgetting anything. And if you feel a little tired during the session, you are welcome to retire to the other room for a rest. Your baby is in good hands.

And when it comes to remembering the first days, it might be even more meaningful looking at an image of your tiny bundle of joy in his/her first room or with dad on the family sofa.

Families with young siblings will find it easier to manage the demands of the little ones in their own home. Toys are on hand and endless amount of snacks. For emotional young souls, a familiar environment can be be calming and reassuring too.

Having said that, studio shoots present many advantages too. Space and quality of light being one for instance. The area is after all set up for ideal shooting conditions, the space is prepared and the light is controlled.

The session might be the perfect excuse to get you out of the house and whilst you are scheduled on an agreed day, the studio is yours for whatever time is needed and the shoot will not be time specific.

As a photographer I do not favour one type of shoot over the other. I am adaptable and can photograph in any conditions. Ultimately it is entirely up to you the client to decide what works best for you and your family. The session should be relaxed and enjoyable.

I cannot guarantee baby will be asleep for the entire shoot but I can guarantee that you’ll have lots of images to cherish forever. And I also have lots of tips and tricks up my sleeves to settle little ones.

Whilst I advise to book a newborn shoot 7 to 14 days post partum, it is not mandatory and failure to book one within this timeframe has no incidence on the outcome of the images.

Even if it’s been said a thousand times, I am sincere when I say I feel privileged to be asked to photograph your baby’s first days.

And it’s a little bit of an ego boost too to know that we’ll see images that I captured displayed on your walls for years to come.

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Wishing all mummas-to-be a healthy and happy pregnancy

(Thanks to babies Billie, Ruby, Jude & Eduardo x)

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